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30 nov. 2010


Este es un texto que tengo que escribir para mi asignatura de 'Comunication and Media' y tengo que subirlo a mi blog. ¡Me encanta poder mezclar mi blog con mis asignaturas! :)

This is a text that I have to write for my subject of 'Comunication and Media' and I have to upload it to my blog. I love to mix my blog with my subjects! :)

The first public television broadcasts were in 1927 in a completely different apparatus we have in our homes now and in black and white images. Then came color television until now. A few years ago we switched from analogue to digital terrestrial television, therefore, is nothing new in saying that television is constantly changing.

The last revolution in television have been flat-screen plasma and LCD, which have replaced our old equipment, but future will be the 3D television. The success of feature films as Avatar have adapt the 3D technology to the small screen and all major manufacturers in the television industry like Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG and Toshiba have shown their domestic 3D models. On 3D television is still required glasses, an acceptable experience for two or three hours in a theater, but not pleasant to watch television several hours a day in the living room.

The other future of television is the Internet. Bill Gates himself has predicted the end of TV as we know in five years. The TV producers have new clients: web sites serve up to 40 minutes of program and no ads. Today you can watch TV on your computer or your cell phone and in the future tablets and touch screens will proliferate and TV will be seen on personal devices than on the traditional shared living room display, making more individual watching television and creating our own programming.

We will see what happens in a few years and what is the future of one of the best inventions in history ... our beloved television.

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